Clark System

The Clark System for Effective Residential Property Management

Many of our friends and family approach us ...

They ask advice and generally want to know how we did it.  How did we survive the early days?  How did we get past that first eviction battle?  How did we get where we are today?

That is very flattering by the way ..

The answer is that my wife and I started out like many of you.  We knew little about the business, made lots of mistakes in the beginning, but eventually learned enough to avoid losing our shirts. 

We were lucky to have a balance of skills between the two of us that naturally led to the creation of our system -- a set of operational rules we always followed.

Now.. We have long since retired from our days of make-readies, tenant screening and the like.  We've done well.  Very well! 

And now we would like to pay it forward.  

For our friends and family... and perhaps for you too.


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